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Regrow-trees can facitilate and address technologically, challenges that are slowing the progress of ‘deforestation-free’ commodities: certification, traceability, cost and regulatory uncertainty for your supply chain system.

With consumer awareness on global warming, its causes and related environment issues, companies may proactively support green initiatives as a clean and green business. Global companies like British Airways, BT etc., now strategise making their supply chain Deforest-free and Green. Various studies have concluded that Employees are more likely to be satisfied with Green or environmentally friendly employer.

Findings in Australia by Nielsen, the market research firm, found that 68% of consumers are willing to pay more for products from companies who support worthy causes concerned with the environment Regrow-Trees enables companies to not only plant trees, but to also appreciate customers, employees, vendors and stakeholders with trees through personalized e-certificates.

Change Environment by Planting

Plant in
Number of Trees    Amount  Cost of planting per tree is Rs. 60

Reason for Planting

       Gift                                 Offset                      Memorial
Green       CarbonFP          Memory

Trees as Long Term Benefit + Profit

Gift New Born withTrees to:

1. Sequester its Carbon Print for Life.

2. As Investment for College Education.

3. For Marriage.

4. For your Retirement.

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